Potions For Hungry Witches
Showcasing design elements and concepts from a children's cook book titled 'Potions for hungry witches' which uses magical themes and an animal familiar (Sage the mouse) to guide children through simple recipes.
Moon Sisters
Illustration created for International Moon Week to accompany the poem 'Moon'. The poem discusses the equality of female bodies of all shapes and sizes. This illustration has since been adapted for surface print onto home decor to bring some unique design to your home!
Coffee Is Good For You
Editorial project exploring the links between striving for health and drinking coffee. The article, featured in National Geographic, explores the connection between caffeine, health, and the outdoor pursuits industry.
No, the Tryptophan in Turkey Won’t Make You Sleepy
An article discussing why turkey, contrary to rumour, does not make us sleepy, . This is in fact a myth.
All Surface No Feeling
This vinyl cover was created for the non-profit Secret 7's annual fundraiser and is an illustration for the Manic Street Preachers EP 'All Surface No Feeling'. This was the first album released after the disappearance of the bands lyricist and rhythm guitarist in 1995. The illustrated skulls symbolize the three remaining band members.
Lets Get Spooky
Typography and layout based work creating a poster for Redwood book stores October book club.
I'm A Scientist
'Don't * With Me I'm A Scientist' is a tee design for science lovers. This print is featured on a variety of apparel and homeware, and features the DNA helix and other recognizable features such as a mammal cell diagram and the atom. The blues are reminiscent of graph paper and the cold metal and glass textures of a lab. I have chosen to make the design mono-colour to represent the clinical nature of the subject.
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 Poster
A poster design advertising the diverse Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia. The event is key to supporting unique artists and performers across the arts in South West Australia and is centered around inclusivity and fun!
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